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A new beginning

In April 2020 guitarist Rafael Trujillo, bassist Linus Klausenitzer and drummer Sebastian Lanser decided to move on from the band Obscura and continue their musical path with the new band Obsidious. The name comes from the volcanic stone obsidian, which is heavy and dark, but has a lot of fine details. All three members are known for their high musicianship and virtuosity. Their advanced technical level is an essential and unique part of their compositions. Guitarist Rafael Trujllo has a multicultural background and studied music in different countries all around the globe. Linus Klausenitzer is one of the busiest session bassists in the scene and renowned for his 7-string fretless bass sound. Strong drum independence skills and stylistic diversity make Sebastian Lanser one of the most influential drummers of the new generation.

They built a strong bond after years of touring and recording together with Obscura especially since the production of the last record “Diluvium” that hit the charts worldwide. The decision to split from Obscura was made to enable the trio to move on and continue to take the quality of their musicianship to the next level. Their music consists of modern riffs, strong decisive energetic melodies, virtuous and epic unison lines.

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